Easter Pre-writing patterns free and great for special education and preschool

Easter Pre-Writing Patterns

Pre-writing patterns help prepare students for later letter formation. Are you looking for some FREE Easter pre-writing patterns? If so then I have some really cute ones for you. Even better than that they are so easy to prep. AND they will save you money as they are all black and white. Eggcited! See what I did there! Sorry, I just can’t help myself.

This fabulous pack of Easter pre-writing pattern printables will help your students to learn the motor memory required to later write letters. Great for special education and preschoolers. Pop in a task box, put in a centre, or use for independent work.

Ways To Use This Product

(1) Simply print and go. The children will love colouring in the cute pictures and tracing the lines. Colouring will help their small muscles in their hands strengthen. It will also give practice in forming their pencil grip for more advanced work later.

Students not there yet? Neither are most of my students but they can make marks on paper. They can use dotters. They can use fat markers to make it easier to see their efforts and encourage them to do more.

(2) Laminate as a whole sheet or put the sheets in plastic sleeves so the students can use coloured markers to trace or colour.

(3) The patterns can be cut individually if you have students that are too distracted by competing visuals.

(4) Cut the patterns out separately and ask the students to sequence the pictures into first/then, and trace.

Three Different Levels

The pages are differentiated into 3 levels. Level one has two easy to follow lines that repeat.

Two sets of basic repeated pre-writing patterns

Level two have two sets of two lines but mixed up so the student has to think more.

Same two patterns but now they alternate

Level three are more complex being a mix of four similar but different patterns.

4 similar but different patterns

I hope you enjoy these great Easter pre-writing pattern printables. You can download them here.


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Aroha, Ann

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