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Rock Stars Interactive Song and Book

Rock Stars interactive song and book is a great way to engage your students with special needs. Particularly great for slightly older kids. It is so hard to find age appropriate activities. The students I teach are turning 9 and they love this song and the book, but it would suit older students too. I have included a Rock Star colouring freebie for you as well! You can find it lower down the page.

About the Rock Stars song

The Rock Stars song pieces are great to accompany Help Kidz Learn’s song called ‘5 Little Rock Stars’. Don’t let the name fool you. The song is not cutesy and doesn’t actually mention the word ‘little’ in it. The music uses electric guitars as the base, and the Rock Stars have a comic styled adult look.

Often I just sing the Rock Star song with the kids. That way I can include more students or less dependent on the kids and the situation. The song counts up to 5 adding one Rock Star at a time but it is so much more. Great for communication and social skills. Air guitars at the ready and a microphone (real or otherwise) and rock on!

Rock Stars to choose from for Rock Stars Song
Some of the rock stars available in the product. There are 6 more to choose from.

How I make the resource

  1. I print the background (a photo of a stage and lights during a concert) on A3 and laminate but you could just use a board as well.
  2. Print the Rock Star pieces and the numbers.
  3. Laminate.
  4. Add velcro.

How I use it …

I sometimes hook my iPad up to the interactive white board and play the 5 Little Rock Stars song from the app. This adds even more buy in. Alternatively you can play it using a computer. Simply join Help Kidz Learn free and you get to play 5 songs (or activities) a day from their website. Not all the items can be played with the free subscription BUT 5 Little Rock Stars is! Winning!

One of the great things about the app or website is they are differentiated for access. This means all kids can participate. Students can access via switch (or mouse), touch screens, or use the space bar. You can check the app out here or the website here.

There are two verses when using the app or website. However when I am singing myself I tend to just use the first verse. It is quicker and helps to keep my students engaged.

The Rock Stars Book

The Rock Stars book is great for emergent readers. Predictable lines with a few little changes here and there to ensure that transitional readers are paying attention to the text.

Students count the Rock Stars on each page. Locate the numeral and apply in the ‘How Many’ box.

How I make the resource

  1. Simply print the Rock Stars book (print out extra numbers or use from song pieces).
  2. Run through a laminator.
  3. Cut out the pages on the dotted line BUT do not cut the page with the numbers on (the last page) as this is the holder for the numbers.
  4. Apply fluffy Velcro to the base and hook (scratchy) on the numbers.
  5. Use a hole punch and put 2 or 3 rings through the pages.

How I use it …

Students read the book, or have someone read for them. Ask them to count the Rock Stars on each page. They then identify the numeral. Lastly, place the numeral on the ‘how many’ box. Of course you can sing verse two of the song as you read the story as well.

You can purchase a copy from my Teachers Pay Teachers store by clicking on the link here.

Sing it like you just don’t care, cause the kids don’t! Remember loud and proud.

Aroha, Ann

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Enjoy this freebie as an activity to go along with your Rock Stars song and book. CLICK HERE

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