Behavior Lanyard
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Behavior Lanyard

A behavior lanyard could be something you are looking for as you return back to school. Luckily I have another week off yet but some of you may only have had the Easter Break off. Either way we will all need to revisit our class rules and tighten up any behaviors that may have crept in over the break. A behavior lanyard could help you get on top of any little niggles.

Behavior Lanyard

What is a behavior lanyard?

A behavior lanyard is a set of symbols on a lanyard. Simple right! But very effective. It is best to use the symbols of the communication set your student(s) are using. If you have multiple different symbol sets, simply choose one to represent all. Perhaps your school has a symbol set you can use. If not I have made a few symbols for you to attach to get you started.

How do I assemble it?

Download mine or make your own. Print. Laminate. Cut. Hole punch. Attach to a stretchy (bungy) type of ring then attach to a lanyard. By using a stretchy type for your behavior lanyard it makes it so much easier. The symbol you wish to use can be stretched, isolated and shown to the student away from other distractions like keys that could also be on your lanyard.

Useful for …

In class use. When going on community outings. When transitioning to different classes, or spaces in the school. Particularly good for duty times. On those occasions where you or the student does not have access to a high tech device. For speed of access as a reminder to nip a behavior in the bud while on the go. Easy for a number of staff to have the same symbol set for consistency.

How to Make A Behavior Lanyard by arohaspecialed on Jumprope.

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