Core Communication Word ‘like’

Teaching the core communication word ‘like’ is often undertaken very early in the communication journey. Why teach ‘like’? Because it is one of the most useful words to teach. It is used in multiple contexts, all day everyday. So lots of opportunities to teach. Read on for some tips and a freebie to support you.

Ideas to teach – core word ‘like’

First of all we know we will be advertising the core communication word ‘like’, everywhere. Newsletters home. Advertising flyer on the door to class. Symbols around the room and of course ensuring staff and parents know where to locate ‘like’ on the different systems in use. Then we model, model, model. See here for more detail on how to do this. Here are two ideas for teaching the core communication word ‘like’.

Teach during Eating

1 word
2 words3 words
likeI likeI like it and/or use food or drink fringe if
likelike eatyou/I/she/he like eat
likelike itlike it yum/yes/
likenot likeI/You/He/She not like
likelike moreI/You/He/She like more
likelike helpI/you like help
likelike open/shutI/you like open/shut

Teach during Play

1 word2 words3 words
likelike fast like go fast
likelike slowlike go slow
likelike uplike that/it up
likelike downlike that/it down
likeI like I like it/that and/or colour if available
likeI like I like big/small
likenot likenot like it/that
Adapted Book to teach the Core Communication word ‘like’

Explicit teaching of Core Word ‘Like’

  • morning message: ensure ‘like’ is written and used in the morning message daily e.g., ‘I like the weather today’.
  • Shared Stories By Title: ‘I Like Myself’. Utilise any story that has like or love featured in the title or within the story e.g., ‘Pete the Cat -I love my white shoes’. Lots of examples on Tar Heel Reader. Click here for a fun one
  • Adapted books: I have one for you called ‘I like Food’ (see the bottom of the post)
  • Predictable chart writing: use ‘like’ as a key word in the repeated sentence e.g., I like (noun); I like (verb); or I not like …
  • Centre or task box matching of the core symbol: tracing a pre-writing pattern from ‘like’ symbol (or word) to an item; locating and daubing the ‘like’ symbol; circling like or not like picture categories.

Time to Teach

Go forth and get your core on. Remember if we are excited when using the core words it will encourage the students to use it. Point to the symbol and say it. I know you can do it!

Aroha, Ann

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