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Core Communication Word ‘She’

Looking for support to teach the core communication word ‘she’? I have an adapted, interactive, errorless book to support you. Few that’s a mouthful! The book is based on, ‘There was an old lady who swallowed a fly’. But first, let’s look at some ideas to implement the teaching of the core communication word ‘she’.

Core Communication word ‘she’. Adapted, interactive, errorless book.

Ideas to teach Core Communication Word ‘She’

First of all we know we will be advertising the core communication word ‘she’. Newsletters home. Word of the week poster on the door to the class. Ensuring staff and parents know where to locate ‘she’ on the different systems in use. Then we model, model, model. See here for more detail on how to do this. Here are two ideas for teaching the core communication word ‘she’.

Teach during morning meeting

sheshe isshe is here
sheshe notshe not here
sheshe sick/tired/cold/hot/
she feels sick/tired/cold/hot/good/silly
she she get she get it
she how shehow she feel
she she wantshe want turn
sheshe stop/go/readyshe say stop/go/ready

Teach during play

sheshe fast/slow/up/down/in/
she go fast/slow/up/down/in/
sheshe wantshe want it/that/go/come/more/stop
sheshe playshe play now
sheshe come/go she can come/go
sheshe on/off/finishshe is on/off/finish now
sheshe takeshe take it
sheshe helpshe help you
sheshe notshe not play

Explicit teaching of Core Communication Word ‘She’

  • morning message: ensure ‘she’ is written and used in the morning message daily e.g., ‘She is coming today/happy today/tired today etc’.
  • Shared Stories: Utilise any story that you have with she featured in the title or as part of the story. All of the ‘Old Lady Who Swallowed …’ are great. Awesome opportunities to model ‘she’.
  • SONGS: Old Lady Who Swallowed; She’ll be coming round the mountain
  • An example from Tar Heel Reader that includes opportunities to model ‘she’ along with ‘he’ and ‘they’. Features cute dogs.
  • Adapted books: I have one for you based on ‘The Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly (see the bottom of the post)
  • Predictable chart writing; use a doll/puppet or a toy animal to wear/do different things to support the sentence. Children choose what ‘she’ will wear or do then that becomes their sentence. Use ‘she’ as a key word in the repeated sentence e.g., She is wearing a (noun); She likes (verb); or She not like … She goes (position)
  • Centre or task box matching of the core symbol: tracing a pre-writing pattern from ‘she’ symbol (or word) to an action; locating and daubing the ‘she’ symbol; sorting pictures of boys and girls into ‘he’ and ‘she’ categories; emotion sentence strips ‘she’ is …

Time to Teach

Time to get your core on. Remember if we are excited when using the core words it will encourage the students to use it. Point to the symbol and say it. That’s the most important part of it! Model! Model! Model!

Aroha, Ann

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