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Core Communication Word ‘What’ and Dear Zoo

Teaching core communication word ‘what’ is so fun when used as part of the wonderful story book ‘Dear Zoo’! I have an adapted errorless book for you to download based on this fabulous book. Appropriate for early years and older students with disability.

Dear Zoo Core Communication Word What – adapted errorless book

Teaching Core Communication Word ‘What’

One of the ways I love to teach the core words is via engaging stories. Dear Zoo is one of my, and I’m sure one of your, favourite books. It is so simple and provides a wonderful opportunity to utilise language as the children guess the animal.

Adapted and Errorless Book

When teaching core communication we want multiple opportunities to engage with the core word(s) we are teaching. Incidental and explicit. The book I have made based on ‘Dear Zoo’ has the student manipulate the core word ‘what’ eight times. The language is very simple. The sentences are predictable.

Real Photos – Age Appropriate

It is so hard for some of our older students to have easy to read engaging books. By using real photos, my adapted core communication ‘what’ book of ‘Dear Zoo’ becomes available to more students. My 8 turning 9 year olds loved it. Age appropriate and emergent. Winning!!

Ready to teach core word ‘what’?

Grab your low tech core board (you can download mine free here if you need one) or high tech system, and your student. Model on the system as your student has fun reading with you and manipulating the pieces. That is all there is to it! Dear Zoo on line can be found here if you would like an animated version of the original written and read by the author Rod Campbell.


Download the core communication ‘what’ book and prepare according to the included instructions.

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Aroha, Ann

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