Pre-writing Patterns Dog’s Colorful Food

I have a wonderful activity to teach pre-writing patterns for you. Why do you need it? It’s fun, differentiated and suitable for special education, pre-school and kindi. Great to teach core vocabulary too. Want a freebie taste of the product. Read on to find out more.

Great to product to use alongside Dog’s Colorful Day to teach pre-writing patterns and colors. Great for special ed and early years. Authentic way to reinforce core vocab.

What’s it all about?

A great product to support you when teaching either pre-writing patterns or colors. Do your students love Dog’s Colorful Day by Emma Dodd? My class is focusing on this great story in the week ahead. (Sadly yes New Zealand is only half way through the teaching year! Insert rolling eyes). However we are on a break soon. You can check out the You Tube clip here for the story?

Prepare Pre-Writing Patterns

  • print and laminate; cut into strips (whole punch and put in a ring) or leave page whole and store in binders; students use whiteboard markers to trace lines
  • print and place in plastic sleeves; use whiteboard markers
  • print and use with a pencil or marker pen

How do my students engage with it?

Children trace the pattern from one picture to the other. There are also two pictures to color that incorporate the pre-writing patterns. Teachers or support staff reinforce the colors as the students are working. Also a great time to work on core vocabulary.

Incorporate Core Vocabulary

HINT: have your core board handy and be ready to point to core word symbols. Want some ideas? Words I will be reinforcing are: ‘help’, ‘go’, ‘stop’. ‘here’ and ‘there’ as they trace. Model other core such as ‘want’, ‘eat’, ‘like’, when the dogs get their bone or food bowl. ‘More’ to go to the next activity or to say the dogs want ‘more’ food. Have a fringe strip of colours handy. Haven’t got a coreboard? You can download a free one here.

How do I get Pre-Writing Patterns Product?

Ready to purchase or see a preview of the Pre-writing Patterns Dog’s Colorful Food? Please go to my TPT store here.

I am giving you a freebie sampler just for reading the article. It’s at the bottom of the page.

Aroha, Ann

Download Sampler -Pre-Writing Patterns Dog’s Colorful Day here

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