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Alphabet Shapes

Alphabet shapes is a fun, hands on product for all emergent literacy learners. Great for Special Education, Preschool, Pre K and Kindi kids. Be back to school ready for learning alphabet and beginning phonics. Ready to find out more? Let’s take a peek.

Pattern Block Shapes and Alphabet

What could be more fun than learning the alphabet and manipulating pattern block shapes? Let’s take a look at what’s in the pack.

photo of b is for ball page from product pack

26 Alphabet Shape printable sheets. One for each letter of the alphabet. Each page has the alphabet shape, a letter to sound out, a sentence to read and a picture to go with the letter.

Who is Alphabet Shapes for?

Emergent literacy learners of differing levels will have fun with this printable . Great for special ed as all learners can do the same activity for a range of purposes. It is great for individuals as they work on task box activities or for Literacy Centers.

Independent learners-task boxes

It may be that you have students who are working on completing an independent activity. If this is the case, try putting the pieces required in a ‘baggie’ or in the container with the page. Only place the exact pieces required to improve the chance of successful independent learning.

Emergent Literacy Learners

Students could be working on letter identification or it could be they are working on beginning sounds of words. The printable will support both of these levels of learners. Perhaps they have just reached the reading sentences level and require a repeated pattern to support. This product will work fantastic for those transitional learners.

Photo of O is for octopus page

Alphabet shape pages are based on the beginning phonic sounds for each word/picture.

Ready to Purchase?

I am sure your students will enjoy working on this great alphabet shape activity. Please click on the link here to go to my TPT store for further information and to purchase for just $3.

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Aroha, Ann

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