Picture showing two pages (letter A and Y) from the Alphabet Uppercase Dot and Color Pack.

Alphabet Uppercase Dot and Color

Alphabet dot and color is a fun activity that I am sure your students will love. After all that’s what we all want, happy, engaged learners. You can read how I incorporate the activity, then download a copy for yourself.

What is it about dotting?

I am not sure why the kids love to dot so much. But, love it they do! Perhaps they enjoy the feedback they get as they stamp. Maybe it’s the immediate effect of a mark on paper. Perhaps it’s the shape of the dot? Whatever the reason, I know that you can never have enough sets. When we add an educative element to the activity it’s a win for everyone.

Ways to use alphabet dot and color

The dot and color pages are great to support your letter of the week activities. I put them one day a week in our TEACCH morning task box literacy activities. They are also easy to set up for center work. All you need to do is simply print and go. Try keeping a set ready in your relievers bag in case you have to have a few days off or, prep them and keep aside to pull out on a rainy day.

The Pack

The pack contains 26 sheets. On each page is an uppercase alphabet letter made of dots. The dots are designed to accomodate many different types of daubers. Also on the page is a fun picture to color. The pages are simply presented so as not to overwhelm our most emergent learners.

Ways to use the product

Students who have adequate fine motor skills can dot the letters in each circle and color the pictures with crayons, felts or pens. However, those who are very emergent learners, may prefer to dab all over the page. As a result all students are engaged in an age appropriate activity and are exposed to the alphabet. Another way I engage the kids is to give them large stickers to apply within the circles. This then provides variety and keeps the students interested.

Ready to download Alphabet Uppercase Dots?

When you are ready to download simply click on the link. I know your students will enjoy the product. If you are looking for another great hands on alphabet activity, check out my Alphabet Shapes while your here. You can purchase the alphabet shape activity pack from here.


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Aroha, Ann

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