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Bookmarks – For all Readers

Bookmarks in our class are used to encourage students to read books, to support the staff when reading with kids, and to support parents when reading at home. Ready to find out more? Read on and download a copy for your students.

Why use bookmarks?

Ok, I know kids love viewing stories and reading stories on iPads and computers. However, there is nothing quite like getting your hands on a book. Turning the pages and marking where you are up to when it comes time to finish.

Who are they for?

The bookmarks I have made can be used for reluctant readers or avid readers. They are great for emergent readers and conventional readers. Some have bright colours and fun pictures for younger kids. A version of these ones are black and white, slightly larger and, designed for the students to color in. Others have pictures suited to mid to upper primary. And there is also some for the older kids.

Support staff and carers

It is always helpful to have reminders that readers engage with stories in a range of ways. These are: read to me, with me. listen to me. and read to myself. Also it helps to have some prompts about what we can say to help interactions, that is; to comment, ask questions and respond. You can read some more about the CAR method and the CROWD strategies here. I have created some backs to the bookmarks as a reminder of these strategies.

Ways to use the bookmarks

The bookmarks can be placed in beginning of school packs. Great for rewards. Try keeping some in reading areas. Send some home for reading with carers. Pop them in end of year gifts. Add some tassels or ribbon to jazz them up even more. Use them yourself when reading to and with the class. Great as an extra support for reluctant readers. If you are looking for some ideas on how to engage reluctant learners check out this article.

Ready to Download?

Simply print, lightly glue the support strategies on the back of chosen bookmarks, laminate and get them to your students.

Aroha, Ann

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