Fall Autumn Task Box Activities

Fall (or Autumn) is a wonderful time of year. I love the leaves tumbling down, the crunch of apples and pumpkin soup! And what about those colours? Even if you are in the Southern Hemisphere apples and pumpkins are still plentiful. Would you like some great activities for Special Ed or Preschool/Kindergarten to go with this theme? Read on to find out more.

What’s in the Fall Autumn pack?

I have a range of products for you in one pack. It contains everything from errorless matching of pictures or words onto Fall/Autumn background boards, through to sorting, fine motor pictures, counting and puzzle activities. The backgrounds could also be used as playdoh mats.

Let’s Take a Closer Look

  • Match or sort – pictures and/or words onto one of three backgrounds: Fall/Autumn Tree Scene, Apple Orchard, Pumpkin patch; differentiate 6 or more ways including errorless learning.
  • Clip Cards (1) match the pictures (2) match the colour of the leaves to a crayon and/or the colour word (3) count and clip – up to 10 Fall items (supported with 10 frames and numbers to look at and touch as students count)
  • Fine Motor Craft: colour and either tear paper or cut strips and collage; or use any number of different collage items includes an apple, pumpkin and leaf
  • Puzzles: 2 different colours of apples, a pumpkin and a leaf. All contain one part with the word printed on and the beginning letter on each of the other parts.
photo showing a range of activities available in the Fall Autumn Task Box Activities including pumpkin puzzle, leaf puzzle, clip activities, sort and apple pic of colour collage activity.
snapshot of activities in pack

Fun For All

Are you ready to see more? Simply click on the link to preview and purchase from my TPT store.

I have included a free download here of the leaf background board, pics and words as a thank you for reading this far. It can also be used as a Fall playdoh board. Enjoy.

Aroha, Ann

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