Fall/Autumn Number Puzzles

Fall/Autumn number puzzles anyone? Hi all. This pack provides great seasonal fun for your students. Perhaps you are looking for resources to support a garden or food theme! These are so useful for anytime of year really and Fall/Autumn colours are so lovely too! Read on to see what’s included then grab yourself some free resources.

How to use Fall/Autumn Number Puzzles

Some of the puzzles were designed for learners who are counting to five and some up to ten. The pack therefore caters for learners of differing abilities. Designed with simplicity in mind, the packs can be used to teach individuals in task boxes or for a small group.

Small Group Use

The Fall number puzzles are very engaging when used with a giant dice. The activity not only teaches the students to identify and order numerals, it also teaches social skills. Waiting and turn taking are challenging lessons to learn for our kids. Another difficulty for our students is learning to handle disappointment and perseverance. These social skills too can be worked on during these lessons.

Another idea is to place numerals in a container and have the students take turns at choosing a numeral to see if they can match it to a piece to go in the puzzle. Students who are a little more advanced, can turn over a dot picture, count the dots and match to the puzzle piece.

What Fall/Autumn Number Puzzles are Included?

In the Fall number puzzle pack you will find a range of Fall/Autumn scenes and pictures. Included are some different park backgrounds, a street scene, jumper and one that includes a scarecrow in a field with sunflower and crow. There is minimal preparation required to get the activities ready. Simply laminate, cut into strips and place on some Velcro or Blu Tak. Alternatively, simply place on a table or the floor. I recommend that you print a large version of the puzzles when using with a small group. That way all students will see the fun while waiting for their turn. This will keep them engaged. The puzzles come ready to cut into pieces of 5, 6, 8 and 10. Numerals are on the bottom of each piece of the number puzzle.

You will also find some activities included that form one picture such as an apple or pumpkin. These have pieces with numerals up to 5. But wait! Theres more! I have also included numerals to 10 and dice to 10 to support the activity in Autumn/Fall colours.

More Ideas to Support Fall/Autumn Number activities

You can find my Fall/Autumn Taskbox pack here if you require some more fun activities to support your Fall/Autumn or farm/food theme. Here are some more fun Fall/Autumn Theme counting puzzles from Totschooling.

I have also downloaded a lovely You tube clip for emergent learners. It is great for simple counting to 3 and a focus on Fall/Autumn colours.

Counting to 3 and colours red, orange yellow

Download the Fall/ Autumn Number Puzzles Pack here and enjoy for FREE!!

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