Picture of the cover of an interactive core word book called I see farm. Photo of a sheep and symbols for 'see'. Second page showing a picture of a horse and the core symbols along with a sentence I see a horse.

I ‘See’ Farm – Core Word Activities

I ‘see’ farm is a fun package utilising real photos of farm animals that will engage your learners. Consisting of an interactive errorless book, clip it activities and farm yard background scenes, I am sure your students will love it as much as mine do. Also included is a freebie for you for reading this article. Read on to find out how to incorporate the fun activities in your class or at home.

Why teach ‘see’ core word

It is one of the Language Labs Top 100 core words. ‘See’ and ‘look’ are also often utilised using the same core symbol space on most boards. The look/see symbol appears on the home page of most high tech communication devices. Therefore it is a frequently used and valuable core word to learn. We as teachers can utilised the learning in fun and educational ways.

Picture of the book showing a farm scene with a sheep and horse, words on the page I 'see' farm animals and symbols of the word see.
i ‘see’ farm interactive book

I ‘see’ Farm – Interactive Book

The first of three activities included in the pack is the interactive core word book ‘ I see farm’. Keep those hands busy as the students engage with the story by moving the ‘see’ symbols on to each page. The teacher reads the sentence and models the core word ‘see’ either on the student’s device or on a core board. If you require a core board to get you started feel free to download mine here. The real photos and simple uncluttered text and page helps to keep the attention of the student.

The repetitive lines ‘I see a’ (farm animal) helps our emergent and transitional readers by offering predictability and success when reading. The last page of the book provides all of the animals read in the story. I printed two of this page. The page was used in a range of follow up activities such as matching; choosing their animal for predictable chart writing and for sorting to the farm background board.

I ‘see’ farm clip-it activity

I ‘see’ Farm – Clip It Activity

Another great way to keep hands busy as they learn. The second fun activity features the sentence ‘I see a (farm animal)’ and two choices to match to the animal shown. Great for very emergent learners to complete independently as part of task boxes. Using pegs to select is always fun and incorporates a fine motor element too.

Another way to utilise is to snip off the side of each individual page and cut the animals out separately. The pictures can then be used for sorting activities for more advanced learners using blu tak or velcro. The activity was designed so it could be used for a range of purposes. You choose.

Picture of a farm background scene - pond, paddocks, barn. Pictures of real animals on the areas of the farm: duck, cow, sheep, goat, pig, dog horse and rooster.

I ‘see’ Farm – Background Scenes

The third activity in the pack is two farm background scenes. One has the photos of the farm animals on and the other is a replica without the animals. The first board mentioned can be used to match the photos from the story. The other board can be used for assessment purposes such as knowledge of where the animals would be on the farm. Another way to use is during free play to encourage more language such ‘I see ?’ or answering ‘w’ questions in play; teaching positional concepts of next to, on, in; descriptive words like colours, wet, dirty etc. Lots of different ways to utilise these great boards.

But wait there’s more

The ‘I see farm’ activity is a paid pack but at only $2.50 for all you get I am sure you will agree it is great value. Head over to my TPT store to purchase the ‘I see Farm pack here.

However, to thank you for reading all about this fun pack I am including some ‘I see farm’ puzzles for you. FREE. My way of saying keep up the great teaching work and promotion of core language activities.

A picture of a puzzle in three parts featuring a cow and the words I see a ...
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