Thanksgiving Number Puzzles

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. I have a fun FREE activity for you to help celebrate or maybe you are simply looking to extend your Math resources? These number puzzles are great for Special Education and Preschool learners. Let’s take a look at what’s included.

Thanksgiving Number Puzzles

I have created pictures for each puzzle that are designed to support Thanksgiving. They would be just as much fun however used in any Fall/August theme or farm theme. They range from those up to 5 parts through to those containing 10 parts.

How to Prep and Use

The Thanksgiving Number Puzzles are so easy to prep. First, simply print and laminate. I have placed numerals on the bottom of each piece of the puzzle. Next, cut each piece and then have students place the pieces in a line to form a complete picture. They couldn’t be easier. The puzzles consist of 5, 6, 8 and 10 parts and can therefore support learners of differing abilities. I use them to teach individuals in task boxes or for a small group.

Small Group Use

The Thanksgiving number puzzles are even more fun when used with a giant dice. They are great when used for small group lessons. Along with identifying and ordering numerals, social skills can also be focused on. Waiting and turn taking are challenging lessons to learn for our kids so anytime we can focus on these skills is important. Another difficulty for our students is learning to handle disappointment and perseverance. These areas too may be a focus as students engage with the product.

Another idea is to place numerals in a container. Then ask the students take turns at choosing a numeral to see if they can match it to a piece to go in the puzzle. Alternatively, for those students who are a little more advanced, ask them to turn over a dot picture, count the dots and match to the puzzle piece. I recommend that you print a large version of the puzzles when using with a small group. That way all students will see the fun while waiting for their turn.

Thanksgiving Puzzles -What is Included?

Thanksgiving foods in a puzzle that can be cut into 8 pieces. On the bottom is the numbers 1 to 8

In the pack you will find a range of Thanksgiving scenes and pictures. Included are familiar foods eaten to help celebrate the holiday, Pilgrims and of course turkeys. I have also included numerals to 10 and dice to 10 to support the activity. To support the season, I made them in Autumn/Fall colours.

I hope your students enjoy the product. It’s free for you! Download here.

If you are looking for more Autumn/Fall activities I have some great ones HERE and HERE. Maybe you are looking for some ideas on math centers, try these from Mrs P. Specialties.

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Aroha, Ann

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