Video with a student's hands and an adult pointing to an AAC device as the words were said " she ate a cow. What? turn the page. Good Girl. She ate a horse. A horse. Yucky.

Repurpose Core Adapted Books

Repurpose core adapted books for a range of students and make the most of your resources. Are you like me and have a number of books made but have students at all different levels in their AAC journey? Repurposing what you already have is one solution. Read on to find out more and to grab a freebie.

Repurpose Core Adapted Books- What do you mean?

I love using core adapted books that are interactive but they take time and precious resources to make. Another issue is not all students are at the same point in their AAC journey. Solution: Repurpose what you already have made by using whatever core system each student uses and/or change the focus of the book.

How to Repurpose Core Adapted Books

  • change the AAC system to individualise for each student when engaging with the book
  • utilise the same book but change moveable pieces to meet the system of the student e.g., swap PCS for Symbolstix
  • work on sight words instead of picture symbols by changing moveable symbol pieces to words
  • change the goal of the book – different core word focus; engagement; enjoyment; ‘w’ questions; increase in independence; print concepts; vocabulary and more
  • for considerations when using adapted books come back after you have finished viewing and click on the link here Praactical AAC

An Example of a Repurposed Core Adapted Text

In the above example the core word focus was originally ‘she’. This little lovely is a very emergent learner who had minimal interest in shared stories. We knew we had to make the learning engaging for her. The book interested the student as the pictures in the book were fun. However it was the animation of the fabulous teacher assistant that grabbed the attention.

By repurposing the core word interactive book it allowed us to utilise her Go Talk 20 by focusing on a small range of early core in a fun way. The moveable pieces supported her by keeping her hands busy and allowing a tactile engagement. You can download this book for free here based on ‘There Was An Old Lady’ (and gain some ideas for implementing the core word ‘she’).

Check your cupboards

Instead of thinking the adapted core books you have are too advanced or are not the current focus for your student, try thinking outside the box. Consider how you might adapt that book that you took time, effort, and precious budget (schools or yours!!!) to make. What do you have in your cupboards that you can repurpose?

Aroha, Ann

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