3 positive behavior certificates - work first then, I am working for, My goal is and some picture examples containing work and behavior goals. Free product to download. Great for any special ed setting.
Positive Behavior Support

Hole Punch Behavior Reinforcer

Hole Punch Behavior Reinforcer – a new support for students that are requiring a little something extra to keep them on track. Have you tried the usual positive reinforcer symbol or tick systems? They are great but not working for ‘that’ one student? Does ‘that’ student like to clip? Check out the solution I have for you.

Hole Punch Behavior Reinforcer – What is it?

The product is designed to be – well –  reinforcing. My students love to clip and I’m sure yours do to so here is something to help those students that require more tactile engagement. There are three products to select from:

  1. My goal is
  2. I’m working for
  3. First work then (reward)

How to Use Behavior Reinforcer Card

Select the goal or work task the student is working on. It could be an IEP goal, a social skill goal or an academic task. As the student meets the set criteria, they get to clip the card. Simple but potentially very effective when done along with the accompanying positive attention you will provide.

picture of a clipping tool three positive behaviour certificates consisting of work/then, My goal is and I am working on and a range of pictures for tasks and behavior goals as examples that are included in the pack
Hole Punch Reinforcer Freebie: arohaspecialed.com


So easy to prepare. Print, cut out and glue on a goal or work task picture and your ready. If your using the first then card, a reward picture can also be glued. That’s all there is to it. So simple. If wished, you could choose bright paper in a range of colours to be used for different students or, to meet favourite colour choices of individual students. Alternatively glue to card or print on card if you wish the reinforcer to be sturdier.

A small range of work tasks/goal pictures have been included to get you started. As you know your students I’ll leave the reward pics or photo up to you.

pictures to use as a start for tasks/goals are included

Why use Hole Punch Behavior Reinforcer?

We all like to be rewarded for our efforts. For our students within special education visual supports help to keep them motivated. Offering 5 spaces to click gives 5 opportunities for the student to work toward the goal. When they complete 5 clicks the student receives a pre-determined reward. it’s also great for older students and those in inclusive settings.

I hope your students enjoy working with this product. It’s free. If you would like more free items and keep up with all the happenings on the web and more, simply pop your name on the mailing list and receive all the news.

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If your interested in another free product here is a behavior lanyard that is great to support positive expectations. Download here

Want some Winter themed reward certificates to further support behavior? Grab some FREE here.

Aroha, Ann

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