I See Spring Pack

Spring. That wonderful time of year when the birds are singing and the weather is warming up. The insects are about and there is a spring in your step (no pun intended but kinda funny). What a great time to focus on the core vocabulary word ‘see’ with your students who use A.A.C. to communicate. I have a package of products to help you out. Let’s find out what is inside.

I See Spring – The Pack

I See Spring
Samples of pages from the I See Spring Pack showing numerals, pre-writing patterns, pictures to color and excerpts from the core vocab book.
A sample from the ‘I see Spring’ Pack

First of all let me advise that the pack was free until April 30th 2020. It was my way of contributing to the COVID-19 crisis. I designed this pack to accomodate some literacy, numeracy and fine motor to support emergent learners. Inside the pack is 8 activities.

  • Interactive Errorless Adapted Book called – I See Spring.
  • Clip it/Circle it or Point to it – Sentence of – ‘I see a’ and a picture. Match by pointing or clipping
  • Spring Scene – Find the item in the scene; point to it or cut and glue the matching piece (if you have a printer).
  • Make Your Own Spring scene. A background is provided. Students either draw on it; place stickers you may have on it or cut and paste items from the story (no printer – draw your own Spring Scene and add pictures from magazines/brochures from plant nursery shops or stickers
  • See, Count, Trace. A spring scene that has different quantities of Spring items on. Student has to identify the number and locate that amount of items on the Spring scene. They then go back, point to the numeral and trace the numeral. Quantities up to 5.
  • Count on Spring. Numerals in the way of ‘touch math’ with Spring items in each touch point. Name the numeral; count the spots on the numeral to reinforce quantity and one-to-one correspondence, to 5
  • Color in Spring. Some black and white pictures with a sentence ‘I see a …’ You would need to print these.
  • Pre-writing Patterns – Exposing to the alphabet (which sit in some Spring shapes) as students trace the pre-writing patterns. No printer: use a finger to trace on the screen.

Differentiated for home

As most children are already at home, I have offered suggestions within the pack as to how to engage with the products without having to print. If they or you wish to, that is great. The coloring pages will not work without printing but others will be just fine. But how can you reuse the pages if you print? If you have a laminator wonderful. If not then try using a ‘baggy’. It won’t last as long as a laminated page but it will do the trick nicely. Alternatively pop down to your local cheap shop and grab some plastic sleeves. If students do not have a printer available carers can pull up the pdf on a computer or iPad and still do all bar one of the activities.

Can I suggest you buy a miracle/magic cleaner swab (the white foam type squares that you add water to damp, without a product required). They remove whiteboard markers wonderfully. And of course always have your core board handy or AAC device charged and ready to communicate with. Play ‘I see’ games around the home and in the community to extend the learning. I have another great Spring product you can read about here.

How to download ‘I see Spring’

The product is in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. As mentioned it is free until April 30th. Make sure to download it to send for personal at home use to your student’s families, before that time. If you wish to have a copy for yourself to use when the children get back, could I please ask that you support me by waiting to purchase it until after April 30, 2020. The value will be $3.50 $US. The disclaimer does state for personal at home use only until that time. Thanks so much for your support.

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Keep safe everyone. Download the I ‘See’ Spring Pack Here



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