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The Great Easter Egg Hunt

How do we have an Easter Egg hunt in a lockdown? Well it’s tricky but not impossible. It will certainly be a different kind of Easter this year given the COVID-19 lockdown. Questions such as “will the Easter Bunny still be able to come?”, and “can we afford Easter eggs this year?”are surfacing. How are you handling these tricky questions? NZ Prime Minister, Jacinda Adern came up with a great solution.

Can the Easter Bunny bring Eggs still?

Jacinda was asked the question at a press conference yesterday and she had a wonderful response to both ease anxiety for children and cash strapped parents. The answer: The Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy are considered to be essential workers. They are therefore, able to travel and to enter the homes of children to do their work. She went on to inform children that although they are able to travel, they are very busy in lockdown with their children at this time. It may mean that they cannot get to all families in time this year.

She went on to ask for some help just in case the Easter Bunny doesn’t make it to all homes. The Prime Minister asked children to decorate an Easter Egg and place it in the window of their homes. That way everyone can enjoy ‘hunting’ for them on daily walks around the neighbourhood. She encouraged children to share a photo of their decorated eggs on social media.

The Great Easter Egg Hunt Pack

Inspired by Jacinda Adern, I have made a pack to help with this wonderful idea. It contains colouring sheets, a statement giving permission for the Easter Bunny to travel and a page for children to count and cross off eggs, as they walk around their neighbourhood.

Why do we need the Great Easter Egg Hunt Pack

I hope you and your children (students) get some joy out of this pack. I also hope it helps families to ease concerns of children who are worried about whether the Easter Bunny is able to come. Many families have lost at least one income due to job losses given the lockdown. Like Jacinda my wish is that this pack may help support families to explain to their children why they may not get Chocolate Easter Eggs. Putting decorated eggs in their windows may bring some happiness for children as they share their decorated eggs with family, friends and the wider community.

Some More Easter Products For You

Are you looking for some more fun and educational distance learning opportunities over Easter? I have made some Easter Match the Color, BOOM cards which are available on Boom Learning. The link will take you to a preview of the product on the Boom Learning site. They are also available on TPT for $2.50. I also have a Pre:writing Easter Pack which I invite you to read about here.

Have a great Easter Break at home with your families.

Click here to DOWNLOAD the GREAT EASTER EGG HUNT pack. American Spelling Version. The Big NZ Easter Egg Hunt (Nz Version). British Spelling Version

It’s FREE for you.

Aroha, Ann

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