Picture featuring print: Alphabet Match It letter Ee and some cards that feature from the pack. One with an elbow and the letter E, an Eagle with a card that asks to choose from uppercase E and T. A card that shows a picture of an eel and a choice of two from lowercase l and e.

Boom Cards: Alphabet Match It – Letter Ee

Boom cards are digital games that are interactive and fun. I have found them to be a valuable teaching tool. What are they? Why do I love them? How do you get them? Read on to find out more and download a FREE Match It Letter Ee while you are here.

Boom Cards: What are they?

Boom cards are digital resources that can be played on any kind of technological device: iPad; Tablets; smart phones and desktop. They were something that had begun to catch my interest. When distance learning hit due to COVID-19, I investigated them in earnest to see what their value would be. I tried some free ones. The kids loved them and so do I.

Why I love Boom Cards

Boom cards are self-checking. As the student plays, the cards will not move forward until a correct answer is supplied. Data is automatically collected and forwarded to the teacher if you have set up a class. The cards are great for teachers to differentiate for their students as you can assign students to individual decks in the classes that you set up. One student may be on errorless learning while others may require more advanced decks. Many decks also include sound as well as visual input.

How do students access the decks?

There is two different ways students can play.

(1) Students can access from home with their log in and password (words or picture). This information is organised as the teacher sets up the class. The student goes to the Boom Learning site, clicks on the student button and enters the login then the password. For ease during distance learning the password can be the same one for the whole class if this is easier. When back in class you can individualise them.

(2) When teachers/parents purchase or make a Boom Card, a Fast Play pin will be allocated for each deck. First: forward the pin code to the students. They then head to the WOW Boom Learning sit. Next they click on fast play and enter the pin. This will take them directly to the game in question. The bonus of this is that it is quick and easy to get going. The downside is that no data will be collected using this way of engagement.

How do I get boom cards

Go to https://wow.boomlearning.com/ to sign up. You can search for free Boom Cards to begin with or purchase while you are there. There is a charge if you wish to collect data, however, due to COVID-19 there is still time to try Premium for free until end of JUNE 2020. A great way to get started.

The second way is to purchase is via Teacher Pay Teachers. Many people prefer this method as it is familiar. When you purchase from TPT you will receive a pdf that will contain the link to the product. If you don’t have a Boom Learning account it will set one up for you as part of the download. There will be a link to check out a preview that will show the first three cards and will give further detail to help you decide if you wish to purchase.

Cost of Boom Cards

You will find that Boom cards are cheaper than a lot of other resources on TPT. The reason is that they are digital. There is no paper copy unless teachers on TPT have added them as a separate part of the product. If you are looking for some more alphabet resources to purchase and forward to your students for printing, I have a free dauber one here. Mostly you are purchasing the ability for students to play online. They must have access to the internet. On TPT the cards are paid in dollars as per usual. On the Boom Learning site they are priced by points. If they are zero points they are free. If they are 150 points they are $1.50 US. and so on.


I have a FREE alphabet match it for you to try. The deck consists of errorless matching to begin and progressively becomes a little more challenging. All cards have a sentence E is for … and this is automatically read for the student. The first four cards have extra visual cues. As the cards progress they move from a single card choice, through to choosing a capital match from a field of two and end with making a choice from two lower case letters.

Two cards demonstrating a range of Boom Cards found in the Deck Alphabet Match It Letter Ee. One features a picture of an elbow and an errorless option of Uppercase E. The second is a picture of an eagle with the Upper Case letters E and T.
Errorless and Uppercase examples of Boom Card Alphabet Match It Letter Ee
Two cards featuring examples of Uppercase choices (picture of an egg) and lowercase choice (picture of an elf). There is also a speaker symbol. The sentence will be read automatically and is available to reselect at any point.
Examples of Uppercase choices and lowercase choice. Note the speaker. The sentence will be read automatically and is available to reselect at any point.

Get your FREE DOWNLOAD HERE from TPT – Match It letter Ee.

Feel free to review my other Boom Products while your on TPT or, head to my Aroha Special Ed BOOM store here.

Thanks for checking in today.

Aroha, Ann

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