picture of Nursery Rhymes: cow jumping the moon for Hey Diddle Diddle and house, frain pipe and spider for Incy Wincy
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Incy Wincy Spider and Hey Diddle – BOOM CARDS

Hey Diddle Diddle and Incy Wincy Spider are two well loved Nursery Rhymes and they can now be enjoyed digitally. This fun product is great for students in Special Education settings or Early years learners either for distance learning or in the classroom. The Boom cards are housed on the wow.boomlearning.com site and available for learning on iPad, desktop or tablets. Read on to find out more.

Hey Diddle Diddle and Incy Wincy Spider – Boom Card Details

These 25 interactive Boom cards, will keep students engaged as they learn. My students love them and I’m sure yours will too. When you purchase a deck via TPT or Boom Learning, they will automatically set you up with a free account. In order to collect data you will need a paid account. However, if you wish to simply access the decks without paying for a membership account, there will be a ‘Fastplay’ link you can allocate to the students which gives them access to the decks to play for free.

How do students engage with Hey Diddle Diddle and Incy Wincy Spider Boom Card?

Both Nursery Rhyme sets are included in the one product and each deck is organised the same. The decks contain the nursery rhyme broken into one sentence per page. Each line is sung (by me – apologies;). The students listen to the line, use the picture cue to support them, decide on the correct picture to match the line sung and swipe it across onto the picture. They then click the submit (tick).

If correct a ping will be heard and a green circle will be seen on the response. On the other hand if incorrect a “whoops” and a red circle will appear. The student will have to try again. When it is correct, the card will automatically move on.

The little dog laughed to see such fun - one of the BOOM task cards from Hey Diddle Diddle featuring the dog, cat, cow jumping the moon and selections of other pictures on the Right side to select from to match to text including: plate and spoon, cat and cow

What skills do the Boom Cards target?

Each card targets; listening, matching, ‘w’ questions and sequencing. There is a different range of ‘w’ questions for each rhyme. Each question is read to the student and again there is a picture cue. The last section of each deck asks the students to place the picture cards in order (1-5) to tell the rhyme. As you can use this section for an assessment, there is no picture cue.

If the student does not get all five in order, the ones that are correct will remain when they hit submit however, the incorrect ones will return to their starting point with a red circle around. The students try again until the remaining cards are in the correct order.

Swipe across using < > on the left side of page to see what happens if students make a mistake

How Do I purchase Hey Diddle Diddle and Incy Wincy Spider Boom Cards?

You can click the link HERE to go to TPT store or HERE to go directly to the Boom Learning Site. I hope you and the students enjoy the Boom Cards. If you are looking for more information on BOOM TASK CARDS, you can read more information and download a FREE letter ‘E’ match product while you are there.

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