AAC BOOM Adapted Book: Focus of Colors and Core

I have an AAC BOOM Adapted book that provides a great opportunity for learning. Are you looking for an interactive book that your students will love? ‘Uh oh! The Spiders are Coming Home’ will keep them engaged and having fun. They will be asking to play it again and again. Read on to find out more.

The Purpose of The AAC Boom Adapted Book

The first goal of the book, ‘Uh Oh! The Spiders Are Coming Home’, is to provide loads of opportunities to model AAC core language. The second is to teach or consolidate the learning of color. The third is to rehearse reading.

In order to use AAC effectively, students must build concrete memory. Modelling core language and encouraging students to touch the target symbols, offers the opportunity for lots of practice. This leads to concrete memory. Two core words featured in the AAC adapted book for this purpose are ‘help’ and ‘come’. These words support students to get needs met. If you are wanting more ideas on teaching core words you are welcome to view these two posts here and here.

Advertising for the product 'Uh Oh! The Spiders Are Coming Home' AAC Boom Adapted Book. Picture of the symbol come and a large yellow spider and yellow web along with a picture of the help symbol and a large blue fly on a web.

What’s The Theme Of The Book?

In the activity, students are asked to help save flies from spiders. Firstly they read a repeated sentence ‘Come home (color) spider’. Secondly, they identify the color. Lastly they choose spiders and drag to the matching colored web.

On the following page students read a sentence ‘Help said the (color) fly’. They locate the matching flies and drag them to a ‘help’ symbol. As students proceed, the flies become fewer. Ultimately, all flies are safe and all spiders are home. Finally, students identify their preferred color on the last page.

How Do Students Engage with the AAC BOOM Adapted Book?

To interact with the book students either swipe on a phone or iPad or, click and drag on a computer. They then hit the submit button to check their answer. Boom cards are self-correcting. When correct, a ‘ping’ sound occurs and the card moves forward. If incorrect, a red circle appears, the item pops back into place and the card does not move on. An audio ‘oops’ occurs and the student can try again until correct.

Page from the product of a BOOM LEARNING card featuring a yellow spider on a yellow web. Under that is the AAC core symbol 'come'. to the Right is a table with 9 other spiders each a different color. The sentence says 'Come Home Yellow Spider. The web is circled with a green circle.
Picture of 3 different colored flies on a web.  Also a blue fly on a help symbol with a green circle surrounding it. A sentence at the bottom of the page reads 'help said the blue fly'. The word blue is written in blue coloured font.


There are a number of cues to support students on each page. For early conventional readers, the font helps to identify the color word featured on each page. For more emergent learners they can touch/click a speaker button and listen to an audio reading of the sentence.

How To Purchase The AAC Adapted BOOM Book

There are two ways to purchase the product. The first is to head directly to the Wow Boom Learning site. When you get there, simply open a free account (if you don’t already have one), then purchase the product. If you prefer to purchase from Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) ‘Uh Oh! The Spiders Are Coming Home’, can also be found there.

Would You Like To See A Preview?

A preview of the first four slides and further information is available to view on the WOW Boom Learning Website. You can find it here. Alternatively a PDF downloadable preview and a link to the online preview can also be found at TPT here.

I hope your students love this product as much as mine do. If you would like access to the library of freebies and support via email, pop your name in and subscribe.

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Aroha, Ann

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