Picture advertising the BOOM Alphabet Xmas Bundle of three decks 1. Errorless 2. Match 3. Sequence. Three trees with baubles next to them

BOOM Alphabet Xmas:Trim the Tree Bundle

Boom Alphabet Xmas is so much fun your students won’t know they are learning. Inside the bundle are three products housed on the WowBoomLearning website. Each deck within the bundle, allows for interactive digital learning and it is printable as well.

BOOM Alphabet Xmas Bundle Contains …

The three decks inside the bundle contain 25 – 28 cards each. The first card in each deck is an instruction card. The second card provides support and practice. The last card in each deck contains a positive reinforcer and informs the student that they have finished.

Alphabet BOOM Bundle Trim the Xmas Tree image containing a photo of three trees with alphabet baubles to represent Boom Card Decks 1. sequence 2. Match and 3. Errorless

Each of the decks are similar in look so great for differentiation. Each student can participate at their level without standing out from their peers. The students can complete an errorless deck, a matching deck or an add the missing letter to sequence deck.

Deck One: BOOM Alphabet Xmas-Errorless

Showing deck one. picture of Xmas tree. On the tree are 4 baubles each containing  a capital letter A. Instructions read: Finish decorating the Xmas Tree. Drag the letter to the tree.

The first of the three BOOM Alphabet Xmas decks is errorless. This deck is perfect for the students who are learning to be independent in their tasks. The students drag over a letter contained in a bauble, and place on the Xmas Tree. As long as the letter is anywhere on the tree, the students will be successful. If the letter is not placed on the tree it will snap back to the starting point and the student will attempt again. In this way the BOOM decks are self-correcting. The first three cards have an arrow to cue the student. There is one card for each letter of the alphabet.

Deck Two: BOOM Alphabet Xmas-Matching

The second of the three decks has a focus on matching. There are four Xmas baubles to match. Faded matching baubles are on the Xmas tree as the landing point. Students drag the alphabet baubles over in any sequence and match to be successful.

Picture showing Deck Two: Matching. Xmas tree with two bright baubles on (lowercase letters G and H) Two baubles sitting in a box next to tree. Two faded letters on tree with a circle and a cross through depicting errors. Alphabet in a row along bottom of picture to support learners.

If correct the baubles remain on the tree. If incorrect, the student will hear an “oops” and the incorrect bauble will snap back to the starting point. The student then tries again. This deck also is self-correcting meaning the student gets as many tries as they need to get the card correct. When all baubles are placed correct a green circle will form and a ping will be heard. The card will move to the next.

Deck Three: BOOM Alphabet Xmas – Sequence.

Photo showing Deck Three: Sequence. Tree with three lower case letters in red baubles (a, c, d). Letter b is faded within a bauble also on the tree. 4 green baubles to the right of the tree with 4 letters in including the letter b. Alphabet along the bottom to help cue the learner

The third in the BOOM Alphabet Xmas Bundle is the hardest. In this deck the student is asked to select one correct bauble from four offered, to sequence the alphabet. The first three cards teach the students how to engage with the letters and contain a faded letter bauble along with three bright letters, on the Xmas tree. The student makes a selection, then slides over to the tree to add the missing letter in the alphabetic sequence. After the first three cards there is an empty box outline to guide the student to place the bauble.

If correct the familiar green circle and “ping” is heard. If incorrect, a circle will appear and an “oops” will be heard. The bauble will snap back to the starting position and the student will try again. The cards are self-correcting and the student can have as many tries as they need to get the card correct before moving on.

What if I don’t need all three decks?

If you don’t have a range of different levels in your class you can purchase each of the BOOM Alphabet Xmas Decks individually. However, when the bundle is purchased you receive one deck for FREE. You can choose to purchase direct from WowBoomLearning or you can purchase from TPT if you prefer. New to BOOM learning? Check out this post with more information about BOOM Cards and grab a free Letter E Alphabet Boom Deck.

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget you can print the Boom Cards as well!

Photo showing how to access the print option within the BOOM Learning library. 8 very small images of decks. The first on the left has a drop down menu showing from the blue action button on the right hand side of the deck. Print option is the 4th label down.

In your library, look to the right hand side of the deck you are wanting to print. Click on action. Look in the drop down menu and click print. Now you have cards to send home or use as part of centres with students who may be in person at school.

Xmas is coming but we want to keep students engaged in learning. Boom cards are a great way for students to have fun and learn at the same time. I hope your students love this product as much as mine do.

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