photo of a Xmas tree shape pressed onto shaving cream (foam). Glitter has been sprinkled and a star placed on top of the tree shape.

Marble Print – Art Using Shaving Cream (Foam)

Are you looking for an easy but oh so engaging art activity? A Marble Print could be just what you are after. This activity is easy, fun and inclusive. Great for a range of ages. Read on to find out what it’s all about.

Marble Print -What’s Involved?

Marble printing is done with items that can be easily sourced from home, school or the local supermarket. Shaving Foam (cream), food dye (or paint), a spoon or stick, glitter, paper to make the print. Lastly something to scrape off the shaving foam.

Steps to Complete the Artwork

  • if you want to use a shape, laminate paper and cut out
  • layer shaving foam on a flat surface
  • spray/flick/drop on different coloured dye/paint
  • use spoon or stick using swirling or side to side motions to marble
  • if using a shape lay over now
  • if using glitter now is the time, if not try salt or sugar to give a shimmer
  • have fun placing on other objects that go with the theme you’ve chosen
  • when finished remove the objects
  • either remove the laminated sheet or place paper directly on shape
  • pat down gently
  • remove paper
  • scrape shaving foam off
  • allow to dry then frame of cut into shape

Marble Print – who is it for?

The simple answer is, Marble Print art is great for every student. It can be used for any age group and is inclusive. Cues and prompts can be applied so each student can be successful. It can be made as complex or as simple as you need it to be. The activity is great for individual students as well as small groups. It is fun for all.


I hope your students enjoy this activity as much as mine did. Fabulous for the lead up to Xmas but equally great for any theme and any time of year. For more fun shaving foam ideas try this fab page. Looking for more fun in the lead up to Xmas? Check out my Boom Xmas Alphabet information.

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Aroha, Ann

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