• Photo in background of upset child. A teacher has a hand on the back of her seat. Child has her face covered with her hands. Title overlaid says: Self-Reg What's it all about
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    Self-Regulation: What’s it all about?

    Self-Regulation is fundamental to supporting Autistic kids. Self-Reg is the work of Dr Stuart Shanker. A guru in decreasing anxiety in populations of students that you and I teach. But what’s it all about? Keep reading for an introduction to Self-Reg and grab yourself some templates to start working with today. Self-Regulation – What is that? Self-Reg is a frame-work…

  • Green title Literacy Instruction Old vs New thinking in Special Ed. Picture of a young lady under the title placing books on a shelf in what looks like a classroom. Lady is facing toward the front smiling. The background is light blue and there is two red splashes. The photo is jagged for effect.

    Literacy Instruction New vs Old Thinking in Special Ed

    Any instruction for our most complex learners in Special Education, let alone literacy instruction, has always presented a challenge. Old ways of thinking about what we taught included not teaching literacy at all, or teaching superficially without an expectation of learning. In 2021 we know better.

  • Description entitled 4 of my fave teaching strategies. 1 wait time 2 structure and routines 3 use a range of visuals 4 use the least intrusive cures and prompts
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    Four of My Fave Teaching Strategies for Autistic Learners

    Sharing four of my fave teaching strategies today that support Autistic learners. I find these strategies to be critical for successful teaching and learning within Special Education. Read on to find out what they are and why I find them essential. My Four Fave Teaching Strategies Four of my fave teaching strategies are: Wait time; Structure and Routines; Using a…

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    IEP Meetings: Tips for Special Education Teachers

    All special educators must either lead or participate in Individual Education Plan meetings. It can be a daunting task but with some preparation it doesn’t have to be. Read on for some tips to support successful IEP meetings. IEP Meetings – Prior to the Day Preparation is key to the overall success of the meeting. So where do we begin?…

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    So you are ready to teach the alphabet to your students? Great. Where will you begin? Experts in the field have informed us that we should not be teaching one letter a week. In that case, how should we teach the alphabet? Keep reading and I’ll offer some insight based on the recent publication from Karen Erikson and David Koppenhaver.…

  • photo of a Xmas tree shape pressed onto shaving cream (foam). Glitter has been sprinkled and a star placed on top of the tree shape.

    Marble Print – Art Using Shaving Cream (Foam)

    Are you looking for an easy but oh so engaging art activity? A Marble Print could be just what you are after. This activity is easy, fun and inclusive. Great for a range of ages. Read on to find out what it’s all about. Marble Print -What’s Involved? Marble printing is done with items that can be easily sourced from…

  • Picture advertising the BOOM Alphabet Xmas Bundle of three decks 1. Errorless 2. Match 3. Sequence. Three trees with baubles next to them

    BOOM Alphabet Xmas:Trim the Tree Bundle

    Boom Alphabet Xmas is so much fun your students won’t know they are learning. Inside the bundle are three products housed on the WowBoomLearning website. Each deck within the bundle, allows for interactive digital learning and it is printable as well. BOOM Alphabet Xmas Bundle Contains … The three decks inside the bundle contain 25 – 28 cards each. The…

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    AAC BOOM Adapted Book: Focus of Colors and Core

    I have an AAC BOOM Adapted book that provides a great opportunity for learning. Are you looking for an interactive book that your students will love? ‘Uh oh! The Spiders are Coming Home’ will keep them engaged and having fun. They will be asking to play it again and again. Read on to find out more. The Purpose of The…

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    Multiple AAC Systems? Here Are 5 Tips To Support You

    The students are here. Yay! Uh oh! They need education using multiple AAC systems. HELP! How do I teach with all of these different devices when I don’t know where the symbols are located? Sound familiar. It can be a challenge can’t it? Where do you begin? I have a 5 tips to get you started. Multiple AAC Systems: Tip…