• Picture of the cover of an interactive core word book called I see farm. Photo of a sheep and symbols for 'see'. Second page showing a picture of a horse and the core symbols along with a sentence I see a horse.

    I ‘See’ Farm – Core Word Activities

    I ‘see’ farm is a fun package utilising real photos of farm animals that will engage your learners. Consisting of an interactive errorless book, clip it activities and farm yard background scenes, I am sure your students will love it as much as mine do. Also included is a freebie for you for reading this article. Read on to find…

  • A poster with a heart picture and the words to the song Te Aroha. Nz Maori Language Week.
    Songs for Teaching

    Te Reo Māori – Māori Language Week

    Te Reo Māori is a critical part of New Zealand culture and increasingly the education setting. And rightly so. September 9th to the 15th is Māori language week in NZ. It is a beautiful language and one of three offical languages in New Zealand. The other two are English and NZ sign language. The aim of this week is to…

  • Maths

    Fall/Autumn Number Puzzles

    Fall/Autumn number puzzles anyone? Hi all. This pack provides great seasonal fun for your students. Perhaps you are looking for resources to support a garden or food theme! These are so useful for anytime of year really and Fall/Autumn colours are so lovely too! Read on to see what’s included then grab yourself some free resources. How to use Fall/Autumn…

  • Curriculum

    Fall Autumn Task Box Activities

    Fall (or Autumn) is a wonderful time of year. I love the leaves tumbling down, the crunch of apples and pumpkin soup! And what about those colours? Even if you are in the Southern Hemisphere apples and pumpkins are still plentiful. Would you like some great activities for Special Ed or Preschool/Kindergarten to go with this theme? Read on to…

  • Picture of bookmarks containing pictures and words.

    Bookmarks – For all Readers

    Bookmarks in our class are used to encourage students to read books, to support the staff when reading with kids, and to support parents when reading at home. Ready to find out more? Read on and download a copy for your students. Why use bookmarks? Ok, I know kids love viewing stories and reading stories on iPads and computers. However,…

  • Picture symbols of wait, your turn and finished. Picture of a visual strip with the same symbols and numbers 0 to 10.
    Positive Behavior Support

    Taking Turns Visual Strip

    Taking turns can sometimes present a challenge in pre-school and kindergarten classes. For many students in Special Education classrooms; waiting, taking turns and finishing a preferred toy or activity when asked, is a challenge. I have a resource that will help. Read on for how I use the taking turns visual strip and then download a free copy for yourself.…

  • Picture showing two pages (letter A and Y) from the Alphabet Uppercase Dot and Color Pack.

    Alphabet Uppercase Dot and Color

    Alphabet dot and color is a fun activity that I am sure your students will love. After all that’s what we all want, happy, engaged learners. You can read how I incorporate the activity, then download a copy for yourself. What is it about dotting? I am not sure why the kids love to dot so much. But, love it…

  • Classroom and Social

    Everyone Has Rules

    Rules in the Special Ed classroom are equally as important as in any regular setting. Do you use rules? Perhaps your not sure what to use or how to use them? Would you like to see how I incorporate them? Read on to find out and download a FREEBIE of my poster. I don’t use rules because … Some teachers…

  • Literacy

    Non-Fiction Books Shared Reading for Emergent Learners

    Non-fiction books can be very engaging for kids in Special Education but how do we move from ‘all about me’ and their focused interest areas? What non-fiction texts would grab the attention of our learners and hold it, during group time? Read on for some great ideas shared from the fabulous Jodie Rodriguez. Growing Book by Book Jodie Rodriguez from…

  • Curriculum,  Literacy

    Alphabet Shapes

    Alphabet shapes is a fun, hands on product for all emergent literacy learners. Great for Special Education, Preschool, Pre K and Kindi kids. Be back to school ready for learning alphabet and beginning phonics. Ready to find out more? Let’s take a peek. Pattern Block Shapes and Alphabet What could be more fun than learning the alphabet and manipulating pattern…