In this category you will find all things AAC and communication. Communication is so important. Everyone has the right to communicate what they want, when they want, and to whoever they want wherever they are. But it's not always easy. Learning to communicate takes a long time. We are all in it for the long haul. The students won't learn it overnight and that can be a real challenge. Many will feel frustrated with the lack of speedy progress. It will be many months before many students can even begin to tolerate the system let alone communicate independently. We cannot give up. Lots of modelling, repetition of key aspects of lessons and planning within all teaching, community and home settings will be required. We must teach AAC all day in multiple contexts. That means learning a range of systems to meet individual needs of our learners. We can't do it alone. It takes a team. Coaching will be required for teachers, support staff and all therapists within the team. Much of this will come from speech pathologists if you have one readily available. Many teachers do not. So we need all the support we can get via the internet and more experienced colleagues. Lots of ideas to attract attention and engage in activities will be required. We need fun and adapted books, songs and toys to achieve this along with the arts within group settings. Preference assessments will be required to identify high level motivators to gain attention from individual learners. Articles in this category will support you with information, tips and products. Some FREEBIE products are for subscribers only but some are for all. I'm so glad you are here and joining me in my passion for teaching communication. Aroha, Ann

  • picture of blurry background at top. Label in the middle saying Arohaspecialed Multiple AAC Systems this year? I have 5 tips to help you. lower third is a picture of 1/2 an apple books and pencils

    Multiple AAC Systems? Here Are 5 Tips To Support You

    The students are here. Yay! Uh oh! They need education using multiple AAC systems. HELP! How do I teach with all of these different devices when I don’t know where the symbols are located? Sound familiar. It can be a challenge can’t it? Where do you begin? I have a 5 tips to get you started. Multiple AAC Systems: Tip…

  • picture of student arm pointing at an AAC device that a teacher is holding.

    AAC: What is it? Who Uses it? Why Should I Teach It?

    AAC stands for Augmentative and Alternative Communication. It’s a right for everyone who struggles with speech or communicating their ideas effectively. We must take the initiative in Special Education and get teaching AAC as a priority. October is AAC awareness month so I thought I would have a chat about the what, who and why of AAC. Read on to…

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    I See Spring Pack

    Spring. That wonderful time of year when the birds are singing and the weather is warming up. The insects are about and there is a spring in your step (no pun intended but kinda funny). What a great time to focus on the core vocabulary word ‘see’ with your students who use A.A.C. to communicate. I have a package of…

  • Video with a student's hands and an adult pointing to an AAC device as the words were said " she ate a cow. What? turn the page. Good Girl. She ate a horse. A horse. Yucky.

    Repurpose Core Adapted Books

    Repurpose core adapted books for a range of students and make the most of your resources. Are you like me and have a number of books made but have students at all different levels in their AAC journey? Repurposing what you already have is one solution. Read on to find out more and to grab a freebie. Repurpose Core Adapted…

  • Photo of an iPad symbol system saying 'what to do' sitting on a page of core symbols.

    AAC – A Core Word Approach

    Teaching an AAC (Augmentative Alternative Communication) system to our students who require support to communicate, is essential. As October is AAC Awareness month, I thought I would share some ideas to implement a core word approach. Have an AAC Plan Having a plan when it comes to implementing AAC is important. It ensures that all team members can support the…

  • Picture of the cover of an interactive core word book called I see farm. Photo of a sheep and symbols for 'see'. Second page showing a picture of a horse and the core symbols along with a sentence I see a horse.

    I ‘See’ Farm – Core Word Activities

    I ‘see’ farm is a fun package utilising real photos of farm animals that will engage your learners. Consisting of an interactive errorless book, clip it activities and farm yard background scenes, I am sure your students will love it as much as mine do. Also included is a freebie for you for reading this article. Read on to find…

  • adapted book to teach core word not based on Have You Got My Purr
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    Core Communication Word ‘Not’

    Teaching core communication word ‘not’ is easy. There are lots of opportunities throughout the day to do so. I will share some ideas and an interactive adapted book – FREE. What are we waiting for. Let’s go! Ideas to teach – core word ‘not’ Of course we will be advertising the core communication word ‘not’, everywhere. Send newsletters home. Put…

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    Core Communication Word ‘What’ and Dear Zoo

    Teaching core communication word ‘what’ is so fun when used as part of the wonderful story book ‘Dear Zoo’! I have an adapted errorless book for you to download based on this fabulous book. Appropriate for early years and older students with disability. Teaching Core Communication Word ‘What’ One of the ways I love to teach the core words is…

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    Keep Modeling No Matter What

    Keep modeling the research says. Just keep modeling and one day your student will communicate. For the first time this year I started to have my doubts. I had modeled and done all the things the ‘speechies’ said to do. Yet one of my students was still not communicating beyond “I want”. What was I doing Wrong? Let’s consider what…

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    Core Communication Word ‘She’

    Looking for support to teach the core communication word ‘she’? I have an adapted, interactive, errorless book to support you. Few that’s a mouthful! The book is based on, ‘There was an old lady who swallowed a fly’. But first, let’s look at some ideas to implement the teaching of the core communication word ‘she’. Ideas to teach Core Communication…