• Picture advertising Boo! Clip it book and Prewriting patterns. Includes picture of a ghost and a sample page of clip it and pre-writing patterns.

    BOO! Halloween Clip It, Book and Pre-writing Patterns

    Boo! Let the fun begin. Do you celebrate all things Halloween in your class? In New Zealand we have really only started getting into Halloween in the last decade. My students love it, so I made some products for them and I thought I would share. The interactive activities will engage students and they are coming to you for free!…

  • Picture of bookmarks containing pictures and words.

    Bookmarks – For all Readers

    Bookmarks in our class are used to encourage students to read books, to support the staff when reading with kids, and to support parents when reading at home. Ready to find out more? Read on and download a copy for your students. Why use bookmarks? Ok, I know kids love viewing stories and reading stories on iPads and computers. However,…

  • Picture showing two pages (letter A and Y) from the Alphabet Uppercase Dot and Color Pack.

    Alphabet Uppercase Dot and Color

    Alphabet dot and color is a fun activity that I am sure your students will love. After all that’s what we all want, happy, engaged learners. You can read how I incorporate the activity, then download a copy for yourself. What is it about dotting? I am not sure why the kids love to dot so much. But, love it…

  • Literacy

    Non-Fiction Books Shared Reading for Emergent Learners

    Non-fiction books can be very engaging for kids in Special Education but how do we move from ‘all about me’ and their focused interest areas? What non-fiction texts would grab the attention of our learners and hold it, during group time? Read on for some great ideas shared from the fabulous Jodie Rodriguez. Growing Book by Book Jodie Rodriguez from…

  • Curriculum,  Literacy

    Alphabet Shapes

    Alphabet shapes is a fun, hands on product for all emergent literacy learners. Great for Special Education, Preschool, Pre K and Kindi kids. Be back to school ready for learning alphabet and beginning phonics. Ready to find out more? Let’s take a peek. Pattern Block Shapes and Alphabet What could be more fun than learning the alphabet and manipulating pattern…

  • Curriculum,  Literacy

    Reluctant Shared Storybook Reading by A.A.C Users.

    Shared storybook reading is not a favourite time for some of my students. Do you have similar issues with any of your students? Particularly those who are A.A.C. users? Read on for information gained from a wonderful webinar. There will be a link for you to access it yourself and gain an hour of C.E.U. (P.D.) to boot! A.A.C. In…

  • Literacy

    Pre-writing Patterns Dog’s Colorful Food

    I have a wonderful activity to teach pre-writing patterns for you. Why do you need it? It’s fun, differentiated and suitable for special education, pre-school and kindi. Great to teach core vocabulary too. Want a freebie taste of the product. Read on to find out more. What’s it all about? A great product to support you when teaching either pre-writing…

  • adapted book to teach core word not based on Have You Got My Purr
    Communication,  Literacy

    Core Communication Word ‘Not’

    Teaching core communication word ‘not’ is easy. There are lots of opportunities throughout the day to do so. I will share some ideas and an interactive adapted book – FREE. What are we waiting for. Let’s go! Ideas to teach – core word ‘not’ Of course we will be advertising the core communication word ‘not’, everywhere. Send newsletters home. Put…

  • Communication,  Literacy

    Core Communication Word ‘What’ and Dear Zoo

    Teaching core communication word ‘what’ is so fun when used as part of the wonderful story book ‘Dear Zoo’! I have an adapted errorless book for you to download based on this fabulous book. Appropriate for early years and older students with disability. Teaching Core Communication Word ‘What’ One of the ways I love to teach the core words is…

  • Communication,  Literacy

    Core Communication Word ‘She’

    Looking for support to teach the core communication word ‘she’? I have an adapted, interactive, errorless book to support you. Few that’s a mouthful! The book is based on, ‘There was an old lady who swallowed a fly’. But first, let’s look at some ideas to implement the teaching of the core communication word ‘she’. Ideas to teach Core Communication…