• 3 positive behavior certificates - work first then, I am working for, My goal is and some picture examples containing work and behavior goals. Free product to download. Great for any special ed setting.
    Positive Behavior Support

    Hole Punch Behavior Reinforcer

    Hole Punch Behavior Reinforcer – a new support for students that are requiring a little something extra to keep them on track. Have you tried the usual positive reinforcer symbol or tick systems? They are great but not working for ‘that’ one student? Does ‘that’ student like to clip? Check out the solution I have for you. Hole Punch Behavior…

  • Picture symbols of wait, your turn and finished. Picture of a visual strip with the same symbols and numbers 0 to 10.
    Positive Behavior Support

    Taking Turns Visual Strip

    Taking turns can sometimes present a challenge in pre-school and kindergarten classes. For many students in Special Education classrooms; waiting, taking turns and finishing a preferred toy or activity when asked, is a challenge. I have a resource that will help. Read on for how I use the taking turns visual strip and then download a free copy for yourself.…

  • Behavior Lanyard
    Classroom and Social,  Positive Behavior Support

    Behavior Lanyard

    A behavior lanyard could be something you are looking for as you return back to school. Luckily I have another week off yet but some of you may only have had the Easter Break off. Either way we will all need to revisit our class rules and tighten up any behaviors that may have crept in over the break. A…