• Curriculum,  Literacy

    Tar Heel Reader – Adaptable Online Learning

    Tar Heel Reader Website is a great resource to help families (and teachers) educate their children. The COVID-19 worldwide health crisis has made all educators rethink how to deliver teaching and learning. Many of us are looking to the internet. Are you looking for an online, free, easy to differentiate reading resource? Do you have a range of abilities including…

  • Communication

    I See Spring Pack

    Spring. That wonderful time of year when the birds are singing and the weather is warming up. The insects are about and there is a spring in your step (no pun intended but kinda funny). What a great time to focus on the core vocabulary word ‘see’ with your students who use A.A.C. to communicate. I have a package of…

  • Classroom and Social

    Schedules in a Special Education Classroom

    Let’s talk schedules. You have your timetable sorted or on the way to being sorted. Now what? Where do you start? Schedules are a great place to head to next. The types of schedules required in a special education setting are whole class, individual, work and first/then schedules. All are necessary for different purposes. Whole Class Schedules First let me…

  • 3 positive behavior certificates - work first then, I am working for, My goal is and some picture examples containing work and behavior goals. Free product to download. Great for any special ed setting.
    Positive Behavior Support

    Hole Punch Behavior Reinforcer

    Hole Punch Behavior Reinforcer – a new support for students that are requiring a little something extra to keep them on track. Have you tried the usual positive reinforcer symbol or tick systems? They are great but not working for ‘that’ one student? Does ‘that’ student like to clip? Check out the solution I have for you. Hole Punch Behavior…

  • Video with a student's hands and an adult pointing to an AAC device as the words were said " she ate a cow. What? turn the page. Good Girl. She ate a horse. A horse. Yucky.

    Repurpose Core Adapted Books

    Repurpose core adapted books for a range of students and make the most of your resources. Are you like me and have a number of books made but have students at all different levels in their AAC journey? Repurposing what you already have is one solution. Read on to find out more and to grab a freebie. Repurpose Core Adapted…

  • Maths

    Thanksgiving Number Puzzles

    Thanksgiving is just around the corner. I have a fun FREE activity for you to help celebrate or maybe you are simply looking to extend your Math resources? These number puzzles are great for Special Education and Preschool learners. Let’s take a look at what’s included. Thanksgiving Number Puzzles I have created pictures for each puzzle that are designed to…

  • A picture of a spider and some example math activities depicting clip it counting to 10 spiders on web and a 10 frame with numerals under each space and a web above ready to receive spiders.

    Spider Math

    Spider Math is a fun, interactive activity to support emergent learners counting to ten. The two different levels helps to engage a range of learners. Great for a number of themes including Halloween, Gardens, and Nursery Rhymes. Best of all it is free. Read on to find out more about the product. Spider Math Clip-it Who doesn’t love a good…

  • Picture advertising Boo! Clip it book and Prewriting patterns. Includes picture of a ghost and a sample page of clip it and pre-writing patterns.

    BOO! Halloween Clip It, Book and Pre-writing Patterns

    Boo! Let the fun begin. Do you celebrate all things Halloween in your class? In New Zealand we have really only started getting into Halloween in the last decade. My students love it, so I made some products for them and I thought I would share. The interactive activities will engage students and they are coming to you for free!…

  • Photo of an iPad symbol system saying 'what to do' sitting on a page of core symbols.

    AAC – A Core Word Approach

    Teaching an AAC (Augmentative Alternative Communication) system to our students who require support to communicate, is essential. As October is AAC Awareness month, I thought I would share some ideas to implement a core word approach. Have an AAC Plan Having a plan when it comes to implementing AAC is important. It ensures that all team members can support the…