• Curriculum,  Literacy

    Reluctant Shared Storybook Reading by A.A.C Users.

    Shared storybook reading is not a favourite time for some of my students. Do you have similar issues with any of your students? Particularly those who are A.A.C. users? Read on for information gained from a wonderful webinar. There will be a link for you to access it yourself and gain an hour of C.E.U. (P.D.) to boot! A.A.C. In…

  • Literacy

    Pre-writing Patterns Dog’s Colorful Food

    I have a wonderful activity to teach pre-writing patterns for you. Why do you need it? It’s fun, differentiated and suitable for special education, pre-school and kindi. Great to teach core vocabulary too. Want a freebie taste of the product. Read on to find out more. What’s it all about? A great product to support you when teaching either pre-writing…

  • adapted book to teach core word not based on Have You Got My Purr
    Communication,  Literacy

    Core Communication Word ‘Not’

    Teaching core communication word ‘not’ is easy. There are lots of opportunities throughout the day to do so. I will share some ideas and an interactive adapted book – FREE. What are we waiting for. Let’s go! Ideas to teach – core word ‘not’ Of course we will be advertising the core communication word ‘not’, everywhere. Send newsletters home. Put…

  • Communication,  Literacy

    Core Communication Word ‘What’ and Dear Zoo

    Teaching core communication word ‘what’ is so fun when used as part of the wonderful story book ‘Dear Zoo’! I have an adapted errorless book for you to download based on this fabulous book. Appropriate for early years and older students with disability. Teaching Core Communication Word ‘What’ One of the ways I love to teach the core words is…

  • Communication

    Keep Modeling No Matter What

    Keep modeling the research says. Just keep modeling and one day your student will communicate. For the first time this year I started to have my doubts. I had modeled and done all the things the ‘speechies’ said to do. Yet one of my students was still not communicating beyond “I want”. What was I doing Wrong? Let’s consider what…

  • Communication,  Literacy

    Core Communication Word ‘She’

    Looking for support to teach the core communication word ‘she’? I have an adapted, interactive, errorless book to support you. Few that’s a mouthful! The book is based on, ‘There was an old lady who swallowed a fly’. But first, let’s look at some ideas to implement the teaching of the core communication word ‘she’. Ideas to teach Core Communication…

  • Communication

    Core Communication Word ‘like’

    Teaching the core communication word ‘like’ is often undertaken very early in the communication journey. Why teach ‘like’? Because it is one of the most useful words to teach. It is used in multiple contexts, all day everyday. So lots of opportunities to teach. Read on for some tips and a freebie to support you. Ideas to teach – core…

  • emergent counting song racing cars and bikes to support
    Maths,  Songs for Teaching

    Learning Number Through Songs

    Learning number through songs is a fantastic opportunity to engage students. Number songs are a great buy in for our kids. I love using music and singing in the classroom. Do you cringe at the thought of singing? A Special Ed class is no place for worrying about whether you can sing or not. The kids don’t judge (most of…

  • Teaching Core Words a weekly plan

    Teaching Core Words

    When teaching core words it helps to have a plan. That way we can make the most of incidental and structured teaching and learning. When selecting the core words to teach I consider two options. Option One – DLM first 40 The first option is to go straight to the Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM) first 40 and select directly from…

  • Core Communication Board

    Core Communication

    I use a core communication board in my classroom all day every day. Why? Because, everyone has a right to communicate and everyone has something to say. This includes our students who are non-verbal. Therefore, the way I support students who are non-verbal or have difficulty drawing on oral language when needed, is by teaching these highly versatile words using…